Ten popular science fiction actors have donated their time, images and autographs for an exclusive photograph, the proceeds of which go entirely to charity.

For sale only through the actors themselves or at thegalacticgateway. com, the limited edition photo is in color , edged in white and ready to place in an 11X14 frame, hand-signed, embossed

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With the Starglaziers corporate seal and numbered. Limited to 1,000 copies, the photograph is now available for a pre-sale price of $100. After Sept 11, 2002, the price will go up to at least $125.00.

Among the charities to benefit will be Penny Lane and various September 11 funds. We will have a complete list soon!

As a special promotion, the first 100 orders will receive a special gift: former Star Trek stunt coordinator, Dennis Madalone, has donated 100 copies of his hit single, "America, We Stand As One."

In addition to Patricia Tallman, Jeffrey Willerth, Robin Atkin-Downes and Carrie, the actors in the photo are:

Vaughn Armstrong, who has portrayed more Guest Star aliens on Star Trek:TNG, DS9 and Voyager than any other actor in Star Trek history. Currently, he holds the recurring role of Admiral Maxwell Forrest on Enterprise, as well as at least eight other Guest Starring roles on board the new Trek series to date.

Stephen Austin was many bizarre alien critters on Babylon 5. His most notable was the lovable Pak'ma'ra Ambassador.

David Brooks is an accomplished artist as well as actor. He is best known to the sci fi community as "Max Eilerson" on the Babylon 5 spin off, "Crusade."

Tim Choate is another multiple character actor in the Babylon 5 universe. Extremely popular on B5 as Zathras (and his brothers, all named Zathras), he also portrayed "Pollack" on "Crusade."

Beata Pozniak appeared as Babylon 5's Earth Alliance President Luchenko.

Ed Wasser, the evil "Mr. Morden" on "Babylon 5."

With your help, we have the potential to raise $100,000 for charity with this project.

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