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Looking back...

Tim Carson and Carrie at Galaxion 99, London


DragonCon 2001, Aug. 31th thru Sept. 3rd

All thumbs up !

Carrie and Jack Bennett of

Uncle Jerry...

Carrie and Stephen Austin doing "Whose Line Is It ?"

Carrie, Julie Caitlin Brown and Marjorie Monaghan cracking up

The B5-Reunion
Left to right: Stephen, Carrie, Robin, Mira, Jerry, Marjorie

Yes, it was a great time ! ;)

Incredible costumes !!!

Carrie and Fans


Carrie and lovely Peter Woodward :)

The Ladys - Marjorie, Julie, Carrie and Iona Morris

Carrie and the one and only Yael Dagan

Dustin Carlson with Carrie

Part of the gang at DC

The absolutely awesome Marriott Marquis Hotel in Atlanta

Carrie and Stephen Austin

Carrie at her table

During the panel

Don't crush her, Michael !

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