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HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!!

To bring you up to date on things in the past months, Carrie has been a recurring character on "The Young and the Restless"!

Also, she did a production of "Love Letters" with John Short and directed by Mark Ciglar in Southern Illinois as well as numerous screenings of Pickets.

Cinevative Productions has taken off like gangbusters and Carrie and her husband have been VERY busy writing, producing and directing commercials, fundraisers and huge multi-media theatrical events.


"Pickets" will be shown at the Kansas City Int'l Film Festival (KC Jubilee), screening Saturday, April 5th. Check the film festival website for exact screening location and time (

Both Carrie and Mark will be there!

Also, it will be at the Riverrun Int'l Film Festival in Winston Salem, North Carolina, screening sometime between April 24-27. Carrie and her husband might be there as well.

You can check their website at


There's a new convention appearance for June. Carrie is coming to Origins in Ohio which is also supposed to be a pretty nice convention, so if you're in the area, you might wanna check it out and say hello!

Other than that, Cinevative keeps on going strong and a move to new office space is at hand! Call Tim Taylor! ;)


Well, well... (luckily!!) life is very busy and so the website has been (unfortunately!!) suffering a little. Sorry for that, but today there has been an update for the convention page - Carrie comes to NY area in March!

For those of you who might want to ask - yes, Cinevative is doing very well which is indicated by fewer updates here because of business... so take it as kind of a good sign ;)

12/25/2002: Happy Holidays to everone! And here goes a new message from Carrie for the New Year.
10/17/2002: 3 new conventions have been added to the events-page!
Go check them out!
09/23/2002: Good news everyone!
"Pickets" got into the Austin Film Festival in Austin Texas, Oct. 10-17. It is also going to play at the LA Short Film Festival that takes place Oct. 15-20.

There is a new opening message on the site... and lord knows it took long enough ;)

The short film "Pickets" which Carrie and her husband have been working on with their production company is now complete and being submitted to both national and international film festivals.

Here is a short description of the film along with the promotional poster (click the picture for a larger version):

"Starring Oscar Winner Ray McKinnon (The Accountant, O Brother Where Art Thou), John Short (Apollo 13, Diggstown) and Barry Lynch (Desert Hawk, Sleepstalker).

1864 - the last summer of the Civil War. A truce is called between three exhausted soldiers in the dead of night.

Although wary of each other, an unlikely friendship forms, until the reality of war crashes in to rip their bond apart."

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